Adult Ministries

 GracePoint offers a diverse assortment of programs for adults designed to foster faith in Jesus, encourage commitment to community, and provide opportunity to serve others.

Jesus-First Small Groups

Jesus-First small groups are groups of people that meet usually every other week either in-person or online in order to talk about life’s journey and living for Jesus and the intersection of the two. In other words, these groups are made up of people just like you that are looking for a way to become more like Jesus. While most are made up of men and women, some are exclusively for men or women. To learn more click the button below.

Compass Courses

Compass Courses provide an opportunity to learn and grow in what it means to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus. Whether the course is based on a study of a book of the Bible or focused on a theme attending a Compass Course will offer you more than well grounded teaching; it will help you move toward a deeper relationship with Jesus, becoming who God has created you to be.

Core Courses

Core Courses are designed to serve as essential building blocks in your walk with God. Whether about baptism, serving, healthy spiritual habits, church membership, or basic Christian beliefs, these learning opportunities will help you move forward in your crafting a life lives to God’s glory.

Life-On-Life Discipleship

If you think you’d benefit from more personalized support in growing your faith in Christ by learning from another mature believer we would love to help you make that connection. Our discipleship ministry is all about intentionally multiplying Christ-like followers through the life-on-life process of mentorship.

Support & Recovery

There are certain times we all need some extra help navigating the challenges of life. The Support and Recovery ministry at GracePoint is about offering such through the use of seminars, workshops and support groups. Whether the issue is unemployment, grief and loss, parenting, anger management or marriage enrichment these opportunities are designed to lend a helping hand during a time of challenge.

Men’s & Women’s Ministries

Ministry programming separately targeting men and women offers distinct opportunities for participants to share common insights and experiences related to their journey with Christ, as well as find lifelong supportive friendships.

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